Cia. Lake Angela is a multimedia performance group with tributaries in poetry, dance, and translation. We choreograph and effect intersemiotic translations of poetry into nonverbal languages by moving among meaningful linguistic ambiguities. Our foremost concern is transforming. Currently, we are located in Barcelona and Orange County, California and choreograph and perform in public spaces wherever possible. Our recent work includes “Esokapi Mystika: for Mama Prayerwalker,” a dance film made in Barcelona; performances of “Onde ela viva? Onde ela mora?”, a capoeira-dance performed in Artesia and performed and filmed in Huntington Beach, California; and a collaboration intended to contribute to explicating positive meanings of the term “femininity” through dance in Cypress, California. Our first major dance language performance premiered in Richardson, Texas at University Theatre in 2015 as a feature-length translation of the poetry of Georg Trakl into dance.

Lake Angela is a poet, choreographer, and performer from Lake Erie who constantly studies and develops her methods of dance as language. She has studied choreography, modern, and ballet with Michele Hanlon and flamenco and rumba with Antonio and Delilah Arrebola in Dallas. In Barcelona, she continued her professional training in contemporary, release, improv, ballet, and capoeira with Tragant Dansa, ESDM, Company & Company, and Capoeira Matumbé. She taught for five years at the University of Texas at Dallas and later taught classes in composition and creation in Barcelona, where she is a member of the Association of Dance Professionals of Catalunya (APDC). She holds a PhD from the University of Texas at Dallas for her intersemiotic translations of German Expressionist poetry into movement and has her MFA in poetry. Lake Angela’s special interests involve the poetry and dance of medieval women mystics, the possibilities in and kinds of darknesses and silences, and expressions of colors, waters, and suffering, which she often explores in her poems and choreography.

Kevin Richard Kaiser is a performer, musician, filmmaker, and writer from Orange County, California. He has performed in Dallas and Los Angeles, prepared music for performances in Barcelona, and shot dance films on location in Barcelona and Orange County. His writing and music have been published or released internationally: in print, online, and on disc.

Jésica Cichero is a visual artist, illustrator, dancer, and creator from Argentina who has made her home in Barcelona. She is the co-creator of Entusiasta Gallery with her husband, artist David Pugliese. Lake Angela and Jésica began dancing together in 2016 in Barcelona, where they explore the creation of unusual movement in unusual places–in the bella ombra tree, the neighborhoods and streets, playgrounds and dog beach, and in the Italian restaurant, for example. They experiment with new ways to meld media, interacting through dance, painting, verbal languages in translation and nonsense translations, and through play as performance. Jési is Angela’s ideal dancer because she is both magical and inquisitive; since Jési naturally moves like a wave and Angela like a sharp piece of glass, they are good complements. Jési contributes a differently colorful perspective to the group’s dialogue, and her attitude is “my tango is your tango.” During their exploration sessions, Jési has created and performed such beautiful work as “dance inside the round mouth,” “Gorgon dance,” and “Espagueti Western.”