5 Poems from “Words for the Dead” forthcoming from Ulalume Lighthouse, 2020.

“Dance Therapy for the Patients at Osawatomie” forthcoming in !Pa’lante!, 2020.

“Votive” from the collection “Host” forthcoming in Seneca Review, 2020.

Organblooms has been published by FutureCycle Press on 6 January, 2020.

“Jesus’ Ribs” appears in this issue of The Perch, Vol. 5, 2019, from Yale University: https://en.calameo.com/books/00407006772816438f334

Two poems from “Words for the Dead” appear in La Piccioletta Barca: https://picciolettabarca.com/issues/issue-13/when-i-was-at-war-in-a-childhood-you-can-find-the-past-in-the-river-of-fish/

One poem from “Words for the Dead” appears in deLuge Literary Journal: https://www.delugejournal.com/uploads/3/4/8/8/34888906/deluge_5.1_final.pdf

Words for the Dead, poetry book forthcoming from FutureCycle Press, January 2021.

“When It Is Time,” originally published in Bombay Gin, Issue 45, Summer 2019.

Speaking Silence: Languages of Color Movement in the Poetry of Georg Trakl and Translation Into Dance, published by ProQuest, 2015.

“Careful Asymmetry,” “Toward Sleep,” “Purification,” “A Vision,” “Old Magic,” “God Also Moans,” “This is the Eye of Time,” “Summer Rain,” “Grandma Sings the Last Song,” “Surrender,” and “Points” first appeared in Old Magic, ! Press 2010.

“Stranded (A Love Poem),” originally published in Shady Side Review 2009.

“A Foreign Hotel” and “Early Memory of Hearing Colors, Holding a Cockroach,” originally published in Neon, Issue 21, Autumn 2009, and reprinted in The Buffalo News.