Companyia Lake Angela is now auditioning in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

If you are a studio or performance space owner, we would love to get in contact with you.

Call for neurodivergent dancers and multimedia artists

Lake Angela, PhD, MFA, is a poet and dancer-choreographer with international publication and performance credits. Since 2014, she has directed, choreographed for, and performed with Companyia Lake Angela with members in Barcelona and the U.S. After a recent relocation to Bucks County, the company seeks local dancers, visual artists, musicians, and other artists for collaborative projects that bring Neurodivergent experiences to a broader audience with the goal of increasing social awareness and appreciation of mental difference. Lake Angela is diagnosed as schizoaffective and multiple (DID). Through her company’s work, she demonstrates that cognitive-emotional differences are worthwhile ways of experiencing and creating, despite and because of the suffering inflicted by such differences and the prejudice and stigma associated with them. We have no restrictions regarding physical ability. A background in some movement practice, such as dance or martial arts, is helpful but not required. All we ask is a willingness to train in Cia. Lake Angela style and to explore your own body’s depths of knowledge. For more information about Cia. Lake Angela or to view some examples of our projects, visit our Videos page or send questions to angela20051984@gmail.com.

Upcoming Project

We seek dancers for our next project, a series of biographical dances influenced by each artist’s personal experiences living as a Neurodivergent person. For example, one dance will be composed of Lake Angela’s schizoaffective thoughts, habitual movements, paranoias, special interpretation of color movements, and so forth. We are interested in working with a visual artist who can design a set or costuming that could further enhance the sensory experiences of Lake Angela’s schizoaffective visions and to immerse and include the audience in the emotional experience. We also seek experimental musicians to compose and play the synesthesia of color and emotion. Ideally, we hope to perform live, but we have experience with dance for film, so video-dance is also a possibility.